Everybody loves a good story. that soulful page-turner with entertaining twists and a magical plot that brings everything together.  A story told with passion, substance and authenticity that can't be simulated.  the best stories make you think, and takes you deep inside its pages.  A temporary escape or memorable journey that you cannot only relate to, but is pleasure as well. 

   PR Publications, LLC "Entertainment with Substance," we pride ourself on the above qualities.  Welcome to a world where writing is life and the authors leave their hearts on the pages.  Where the stories are not categorized, and we let our readers give us a label.  PR Publications, LLC is an independent family-oriented publishing company geared towards promoting and publishing urban and contemporary fiction novels to the World. 

   PR Publications, LLC  is an equal opportunity publisher serving Urban America and beyond without any discriminatory boundaries.  The owners (Paul Tate and Jeremy "Remy" Mulligan) of PR Publications are natives of Detroit, Michigan and have been childhood friends for almost twenty (20) years.   Mr. Tate serves as the publisher and chief financial officer of the company and Mr. Mulligan is currently the only author within the company.  Mr. Mulligan implements his ingenious abilities during manuscript review and provides valuable insight during the review process.  Mr. Mulligan’s first novel “Coming of Age” provides an example of his literary skills and the type of literature that PR Publications, LLC proudly supports.  We believe the “Coming of Age” triology will serve as our monumental break-through in the  publishing  realm and look forward to helping aspiring authors further their dreams and aspirations.