PR Publications, LLC currently only offers manuscript review and publishing for urban fiction novels.  More services will be available soon. 


Become A PR Publications, LLC Author

     PR Publications, LLC publishes fiction and non-fictional novels. All manuscripts which are not considered urban fiction, will not be reviewed. Also, we only accept partially and fully completed novels.  Chapter samples will not be reviewed. Your submission must clearly display your name, address, and phone number(s) and email address (if applicable) so that we may easily contact you.

     Manuscripts may be mailed or submitted electronically.  Mailed manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced and bound. No exceptions. Manuscripts which are not typed, double-spaced or bound will be returned and will not be reviewed. Please submit a cover letter, one page synopsis and chapter outline with your submittal. Please state in the cover letter why your book should be published by PR Publications.  Electronic submissions must be zipped and emailed to:

     We cannot return any submissions therefore keep a copy of your manuscript for your records. It may take anywhere from 1-12 months to review your submission. We thank you for your patience! Mail your completed submission to:

PR Publications LLC
P.O. Box 32985
Detroit, MI 48232 

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